Let’s listen to our hearts

TerrÂnanda, or “Land of Joy”, is derived from the Sanskrit word for joy, Anand.
The association offers a path of transformation towards inner peace and joy of heart.

Mukeshanand Brahmchari

Invitée in 2013 to visit Gujarat as part of theashram in Gujarat, Catherine Peyreaud met Mukeshanand and was deeply moved by the power of the meditations and the energy of joy thatit transmits. Guided by the message of her heartur, Catherine decides to support theaction and created theassociation TerrÂnanda association.

Mukeshanand Brahmchari is an Indian sage, an awakened being, who from an early age recognized himself in the philosophy of Ramana Maharshi. He has been practicing silent meditation heart-opening for nearly 30 years. He spent long periods as a hermit in the Himalayas, meditating and living in silence. His teaching is not the voice of any religious lineage. He soon discovered a special gift: the ability to harness the power of universal energy and channel it to help people achieve inner peace.

TerrÂnanda, or “Land of Joy”, is derived from the Sanskrit word for joy, Anand.

Towards inner peace

An encounter between wisdom and action, the energy of silence and the intelligence of movement

“Your own self-realization is the greatest service you can render to the world.”
R. Maharshi

Heart-opening meditation

During silent meditation sessions, Mukesh teaches the opening of the heart, i.e. the ability to connect deeply to a source of joy, pure loving energy and inner peace.

Private Sessions

Calming the mind, harmonizing the body and its organs, and initiating the process of reversing an illness or malaise, whether manifested or not, is the work proposed during an individual session.


Retreats lasting several days, in France and India, train us in the daily practice of exercises and times of silence essential for accessing inner joy.

Ananda Retreat Center

ANANDA RETREAT CENTER is a privileged space for self-refreshment and reconnection, located in Nadiad, Gujarat (near Ahmedabad), India. It is led by Mukeshanand Brahmchari who, in the footsteps of Ramana Maharshi, passes on his teachings, the fruit of his experience and long meditation practice.


What is silence?

What is silence?

“From silence came thought, from thought, the ego, and from the ego, speech. So, if speech is effective, how much more so must it be at its source? What we don’t know through years of conversation, we can know with a turn of the hand in silence” – Sri Ramana Maharshi

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From illness to wellness, From wellness to wellness

From illness to wellness, From wellness to wellness

After a few sessions of Silent Heart Meditation, we begin to see the changes within. Muscles and joints relax, the head feels lighter, the heartbeat and breathing rate slow down, energy seems to flow more freely through the body’s internal channels, and the speed and intensity of thoughts diminish.

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“When I do a one-to-one session with Mukesh, I feel a great inner calm, my body and mind are perfectly at peace. This state of peace becomes permanent with regular meditation practice. I feel much more in the present moment.”


“The art of living at the heart of oneself in consciousness to create a collective at peace and happy to exist is the reason why I joined Terrânanda at its creation. For me, joy is intimate to the soul and must be awakened in as many people as possible in order to create a society that respects people as much as the Nature and Earth that support them.”


“TerrÂnanda is about offering everyone what I have been given to receive along my life’s path, which has been blossoming with wonderful encounters, including those with Marie-Joelle Hugues, my yoga teacher, and later with Pavithra Mehta, an author-poet of magnificent soul beauty who opened the way for me to meet Mukesh. The power of the energy of joy he transmits is an invitation to transform ourselves to honor life, in joy, benevolence and universal love.”


Through the joy and inner light irradiating from him, Mukeshanand gave me the will and wish to be myself again and to connect to my spiritual heart, to find in it my inner resources, without pressure. His meditations are moments dedicated to opening your heart, to receiving an exhilarating energy, and to meeting your inner self.


I support TerrÂnanda because I am convinced that inner change is the key to building a world with greater harmony. When we connect ourselves to our inner joy, we connect ourselves to life itself.


I wanted to support my sister’s initiative as a matter of course, and through her I met Mukeshanand and the powerful Love and Peace Energy that he shares during the meditations. I am also a member of TerrÂnanda because I want to support Mukeshanand relentless help to families in need, to children’s education, and in emergency situations as we recently faced. TerrÂnanda has quickly become a great family, a brotherhood always happy to meet up.


meeting Mukeshanand for the first time when travelling in Northern India was such a bliss: I’ll never forget it! I attend faithfully and with much pleasure the silent meditations organised online, during which Mukesh sends us his Love, his Heart Energy and Joy. What an incredible gift!