ANANDA RETREAT CENTER is a privileged space of resourcefulness, of reconnection to oneself, located in India, in Nadiad in Gujarat (close toAhmedabad). It is led by Mukeshanand Brahmchari who, in the footsteps of Ramana Maharshi, passes on his teachings, the fruit of his experience and long meditation practice.

Lassociation TerrÂnanda regularly proposes a trip to India for the production ofa spiritual retreat. The program is based on daily practices designed, first of all, to free us from our state of stress, to modify our behavioural habits and gradually bring us to a state of great inner calm, conducive to the development of our personality.opening our spiritual heart.

Retreat days

The Ananda Retreat Center retreat days are designed to encourage a true inner journey, and are not suitable for a “tourist” stay, even if some escapades are planned in connection with the Mukeshanand teachings. They include, for example, for a 2-week stay:

  • Silent times are at the heart of the program
  • A daily practice ofsuch as yoga or meditative walking.
  • One ayurvedic massage per week at thea specialized ayurvedic clinic
  • A visit to the Santram Mandir Temple, where Mukesh lived for more than 30 years, a huge ashram of great renown and particularly active (hospital, schools, maternity ward, women’s welcome and training in thehygiene, kitchens, workshops, etc.).
  • A day of Seva at the Santram Mandir temple
  • A special day in AHMEDABAD to visit theHeritage Walkashram, the actors of theNGO Manav Sadna who work in the heart ofa shantytown of over 250,000 people
  • Getaways to meet theIndia, its culture and history.


The Centre offers 3 large rooms, each with 2 or 3 beds.with bathroom and toilet. Possibility ofadditional accommodation nearby. A spacious roof terrace is ideal for yoga and physical exercise. The Centre hasa beautiful space for meditation and conversation.

Meals are organic vegetarian ayurvedic and of very high quality.

Possibility ofan 8-day retreat.