Lhe TerrÂnanda association brings together, through its activities and workshops, a community of people from all backgrounds and nationalities, led by thea shared desire to transform our individual and collective habits and behaviours, so that from the depths of our hearts we can reveal our wonder at the world.


The members of the Board of Directors are the guarantors of the proper functioning and founding principles of theassociationthey joined, moved by their encounter with Mukeshanand and what they had learned from it.he offers to the community.


TerrÂnanda, cis to offer everyone what Ihas been given to me along the path of my life, which has been full of wonderful encounters, including those with Marie-Joelle Hugues, my yoga teacher, and later with Pavithra Mehta, an author-poet froma magnificent beauty of soul whoopened the road to meet Mukesh. The power of the energy of joy thathe transmits to us is an invitation to transform ourselves in order to honour life, with joy, kindness, love and respect.universal love.



I’m here for friendship, of course, but in the Epicurean sense of the word: ” Among the things with which wisdom equips itself for the happiness of the whole life, by far the most important is the possession of friendship”. His “Friends” were those who philosophized with him, sharing a common thought, an aspiration for the same happy life.

The same goes with TerrÂnanda and the persons involved in its actions: we each have our own journeys, but we all look in the same direction, and obviously share a common purpose. Therefore, why not walk together for a while?



I had arrived for a job, Ifound inner peace! I meet Catherine on a professional basis. One encounter leads to another, whenshe introduces me to Mukesh in 2018. They both helped me find my life journey and open my own path to happiness: A joy powerfully embodied by TerrÂnanda, to which I’m happy to contribute as much as I can.



The art of living within yourself in conscience to create a peaceful community happy to be alive is the reason why Julie joined TerrÂnanda. Julie is a psychologist, a consultant in akashic reading, an artist and photographer. For 20 years she has been supporting people in transforming their lives She believes happiness lies within the secret of the soul and must be revealed to as many people as possible to build a society respectful of Mankind, Nature and the Earth which provides for them.



For me, Terrananda is a story of encounters: meeting Marie-Joëlle and Catherine, a few years ago now… Then meeting Mukesh, who was an obvious choice… Then came the encounter with India… The encounter with Françoise… And finally, the encounter with Julie, Pierre, and all the people who help Terrananda live joyfully!



My very first meditation was with Mukeshanand when I went to Ahmedabad, in India. We were three Catherine, Léa and I to have sat opposite him in all benevolence, spontaneity and ingenuity: it wasn’t “planned”, and yet it wasn’t by chance either, but we didn’t know that.



Meeting Mukesanand opened an unsuspected door for me: silent meditation. silent meditation…learning to listen to oneself, to return to one’s inner self, to rediscover one’s inner self. to find peace and the joy of being. Everything is inside us. TerrÂnanda is a space of sharing, of support, of spreading joy and love to become ambassadors of Peace.


Anyone wishing to do so can join and support TerrÂnanda’s founding objectives and mission.

Members are invited to take part in TerrÂnanda’s various initiatives (meditation sessions, retreats, events, etc.). They are regularly informed aboutassociation, and all volunteers are welcome to make a contribution and join the team.talents.