The association

TerrÂnanda is an association under the French law of 1901, free from any religious or political lineage. Lmain objectiveassociation is to support Mukeshanand Brahmchari’s life mission, and in particular to facilitate the transmission of his teachings, which, through silent heart meditation, help people to achieve inner peace..


Guest in 2013 to visit Gujarat as part of the ashram in Gujarat, Catherine Peyreaud met Mukeshanand and was deeply moved by the power of the meditations and the energy of joy thatit transmits. Guided by the message of her heart, Catherine decides to support theaction of Mukeshanand and creates theassociation TerrÂnanda.

TerrÂnanda, or “Land of Joy”, is derived from the Sanskrit word for joy, Anand.


Indian sage

Mukeshanand Brahmchari is an Indian sage, an enlightened being, who from an early ageis recognized in Ramana Maharshi’s philosophy. He practices a silent meditation offor nearly 30 years. He lived for long periods as a hermit in theHimalayas, to meditate and live in silence. His teaching does notis the voice ofno religious lineage.

He soon discovered a special gift: the ability to harness the power of universal energy and channel it to help people achieve inner peace.