From illness to wellness, From wellness to wellness

After a few sessions of Silent Heart Meditation, we begin to see the changes within. Muscles and joints relax, the head feels lighter (with the occasional need for a short nap!), heart rate and respiratory rate slow down, energy seems to flow more freely through the body’s internal channels, and the speed and intensity of thoughts diminish. The effect is felt by people of all fitness levels – whether a yoga instructor or a sick patient. Silence is a powerful medicine! If, even without consciously working on it, silence harmonizes the body, imagine its effect when deliberately directed at a specific disease or part of the body.

One of the effortless fruits of my sadhana is the ability to channel the Univ1ersal Energy, to calm the mind as well as to harmonize the body and its organs, initiating the process of inversion of manifest and non-manifest disease. This special power has been revealed to me, to be shared with the world in the spirit of seva. Before we witness, experience and receive this blessing for our well-being, let’s understand our body’s potential and its current state, the genesis of disease and the process of reversal.

Potential: the human body is the most advanced machine on Earth, designed to last over a century and support us in our quest to reach our highest potential and be the best we can be. This tool has been used by enlightened Masters to reach unprecedented heights in their respective fields.

An optimally functioning body isn’t designed to get a fever or cold every time the season changes, to need nutritional supplements, to pant after climbing a few stairs, to ache in various parts, to have trouble sleeping at night, to need an alarm clock in the morning, or to need stimulants like tea, coffee and tobacco to get through the day.

Yet for many of us, these and other complaints about accelerated and degenerative aging have become part of our way of life. After the age of 45, it seems normal to be afflicted by one or more diseases such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, asthma, allergies, neurological degeneration, spondylosis, menstrual disorders, cancer. Overall, it’s the first generation to live less than its parents, despite the wonders of modern science.

But the miracle of life has given our bodies the ability to recover and heal. Illnesses can be reversed, health restored and immunity built for future well-being. It is possible to reverse the effects of aging, to be healthier than you were 10 years ago, and to stay healthy over time! Not only that, our bodies can go from being an obstacle to the greatest supporter as we become the best we can be. Knowledge of this ability was known to ancient yogis and shamans, but has been lost to us over time. The grace of my spiritual heart guru has enabled me to experience this natural state of well-being, such as being able to work and meditate for 18 to 20 hours without fatigue and being able to not only keep my mind immersed in the spiritual heart, but also bring many minds to do the same during group meditations.

The principle of wellness is simple: identify and eliminate the root cause of our “malaise”. The seeds of disease take root long before they manifest themselves in the physical body. A disease, as the word suggests, is the absence of ease, a natural state of being. Rishis (ancient Indian scholars) in the yogic tradition, had identified 5 sheaths of existence – body, vital energy, mind and emotions, inner wisdom and joy. A “Yogi” is one in which all these sheaths are in Yoga, i.e. in Harmony. Inner disharmony leads us away from our inner wisdom. We forget the true nature of our Self and lose touch with peace, love and joy. The starting point of modern diseases is our mind. The stress of our overactive mind limits the flow of vital energy to hormonal secretion centers (such as the thyroid gland), impacting organ function. If nothing is done, this disharmonized flow of vital energy becomes coarser, disrupting heart rate and blood circulation, and our organs, in turn. This is the stage when diagnostic equipment diagnoses the disease. This inner disharmony has now seeped into our outer reality, manifesting itself as “malaise”. But it had taken root in a subtle and energetic way long before that. This has been recognized by the scientific community, through the term “psychosomatic” illnesses and through new fields of study such as psycho-neuro-endocrinology, which traces the path of illness in detail – from the mind to the nervous system, from the endocrine system to the organ. During the live session on ‘Body Scanning and Harmonizing’, with the support of universal energy, we delve deeper into the genesis of disease, from the gross to the subtle, in a way modern science still can’t.

Through Silent Heart Meditation, I “scan” the body, piercing through layers of conditioning and accessing information about the body, vital energies, mind and emotions. This has often led to the astonishing discovery of diseases at an early stage, which would otherwise go undetected by the instruments and practitioners of modern medical science. Scintigraphy enables me to determine the extent of damage to various organs and systems (for example, how effectively is the kidney fulfilling its function of eliminating toxins? The impact on the body is then separated into primary and secondary, so that healing can be concentrated on the main site of impact. By going further, I can see the underlying habits that lead to the current state (for example, what emotions and thought patterns are at the root of the illness? The whole process takes place with the supreme equipment available, my spiritual guru of the heart. It’s conducted publicly, so everyone has the chance to witness, authenticate, question and understand this powerful science.

This is the beginning of the healing process. By channeling Universal Energy, I first soothe the mind, then gradually harmonize the body and its organs, initiating the process of reversing manifest and non-manifest disease. Thereafter, the student has the potential to continue to support this inner well-being and prevent further illness by establishing himself in his meditation practice and progressing on his spiritual path.

Namaste Mukeshanand Brahmchari