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         « Joy is in everything,                        you have to know how to                  extract it. »



 » Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. « 

    Carl Gustav Jung


Sitting in silence, the practice of the heart opening meditation allows us to listen to our inner master, our spiritual heart. It lies within each of us, but it may be veiled, hindered by our past experiences, behaviours such as addictions of all kind, by stress, hyperactivity, negative thinking, behaviours piled up and settled during our past and current lives. In other words, the illusions of the material world cloud our Spiritual Truth.

Through the heart opening mediation, Mukeshanand shares with us, in silence and through his energy, the essence of his learnings, pure conscience and pure universal energy.

The energy he sends during the meditation is aimed to calm our mind and drill through the layers that clap our hearts shut, the layers which were and are still created by habits, behaviours leading to stress, mental and/or physical exhaustion or illnesses… It helps us experience the reconnection with our spiritual heart, revealing to us our true nature : a state of infinite love, an inner glow shining with deep peace and joy This state of being, this access to the spiritual energy that lies within all of us, can only be reached through silence and practice.

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 » Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics. « 

     Albert Einstein

Private Sessions

During an individual heart opening meditation session, Mukeshanand is able to perform an “energy scanning” of the physical body and gather information on the flows of vital energies, the mind and brain activity, the emotions and their impact on the body. This scanning has led many times to the unexpected discovery of illnesses often at an early stage and that had still been undetected by tools and practitioners of modern medical science.

During an individual session, Mukeshanand also activates a healing process by sending energy to calm the mind and harmonize the body and its organs, thus initiating the process of reversing any physical impact of an already or not yet perceived illness, as well as any negative state of mind or body at the source of these physical impacts. Following such session(s), personalized instructions and advice are offered as well as every day tools that will help maintain and increase this inner well-being, especially through the regular practice of meditation to keep and strengthen the restored connection with his/her inner master, the spiritual heart and the state of deep and lasting happiness that it brings.

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 » Dance, singing, tales and silence are the four balms of universal healing « 

     Huyana Tala Aiyana  

Creation Workshops

In many cultures and native traditions, if you meet a healer to complain about a state of hopelessness, dejection or depression, he/she will ask you one of the four questions below:

  • When did you stop dancing?
  • When did you stop singing?
  • When did you stop being bewitched by tales?
  • When did you stop seeking solace in the soft world of silence?

Because when you stop dancing, singing, being bewitched by tales, seeking solace in the soft world of silence, you start experiencing the loss of your soul.

« Dance, singing, tales and silence are the four balms of universal healing »

Huyana Tala Aiyana.

Through its creation workshops, TerrÂnanda offers a space to reconnect with your inner child and stir your creative talents out of their sleep. Reconnecting with your creativity is reconnecting to your heart, your soul and your inner light.

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 » The silent language of heart to heart is worth all languages. All conversation must end in silence. « 

       Ramana Maharshi  

Courses and Retreats

Spiritual retreats and courses over several days, in France or in India, put us on the path to daily practice of exercises and silence which are essential to connect to and maintain our inner happiness : the program usually consists in morning sessions of hatha yoga, sound yoga, breathing exercises (pranayama), silent heart opening meditation , followed by body energy harmonisation sessions, silent walks in nature to practice mindfulness, mantra singing, sharing sessions to exchange on individual experiences, ayurvedic meals & treatments. They are aimed at leading us on the path to self-realisation, peace, love and lasting inner happiness.

Supported by the group’s benevolent energy, each participant can access another level of consciousness, confidence and connection to his/her spiritual heart. Thus, accessing our own spiritual power, we can venture out of our comfort zone and dive into ourselves to explore what lies there: happiness, peace and unconditional universal love.

Learning technics and practices to be followed every day will help us maintain a lasting inner peace of mind and ultimately free ourselves from the harmful effects of stress on our physical and mental health. They are also great tools to discover the language of silence, to welcome with humility its compelling messages and understand the power of the universal energy that flows through us all, making is possible to hear and listen to the voice of our spiritual heart and the deep inner happiness it conveys.

No one succeeds without effort… Mind control is not acquired at birth.

Those who succeed owe their success to perseverance.

Ramana Maharshi

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 » Joy is the sun of souls; it illuminates the one who possesses it and warms all those who receive the rays « 

    Carl Reysz

Community Projects

« Be the change you wish to see in the world » (Gandhi)

It is through « inspired action” that we embody our vision of an Earth of Joy in our everyday life and by engaging in specific activities.

TerrÂnanda’s projects are driven by our founding principles:


Respect of our fellow human beings

Respect of Nature and Mother Earth

Our projects are also inspired by several initiatives guided by pure heart generosity and transcendence of the self, as well as by individual or collective testimonies which have resonated with us.

We already have wonderful testimonies in relation to several past projects, such as the Seva Café evenings in Grasse (gift economy café), days of anonymous acts of kindness, distribution of food packages to 800 families facing extreme poverty in India due to the COVID19 pandemic.

We are currently working on several projects, one of which will be launched in India in 2021 to answer the needs expressed by many followers of the heart opening meditation and by spiritual “researchers” from Europe, the United-States, Dubai or India to work more intensively with Mukeshanand.

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