Our History

« One can know oneself only with one’s own eye of knowledge, and not with somebody else’s »

Ramana Maharshi, Who am I? 

TerrÂnanda was born after a life changing meeting between Mukeshanand Brahmchari, an Indian monk and sage and Catherine Peyreaud, an entrepreneurd’initiatives collectives . A meeting between, on the one hand, a tremendous silent energy and wisdom, and on the other hand impetus and action.


Catherine met Mukeshanand in 2013 when she was invited to visit the ashram founded by Gandhi in Ahmedabad. She was deeply moved by how powerful the silent heart meditation was and by the energy irradiating from the monk Having at heart to see Peace, Joy and Love prevail in the world, Catherine followed the inspiration of her heart and decided to support Mukeshanand’s action by creating TerrÂnanda.

The NGO’s objectives are supported by the active involvement of its members: to plant and grow the seed of inner Joy that lies within each of us so that we can ultimately “become” it through inspired initiatives rooted in both contemplation and action in a dynamic, tangible and profound way.

TerrÂnanda, literally “Earth of Joy” whose meaning is derived from the Sanskrit word Anand(Joy), and its members are grateful to be part of a society in progress and to participate in its transformation



Indian sage

He inspires TerrÂnanda’s actions

Mukeshanand is an Indian monk living by Sri Ramana Maharshi’s teachings, whose transcendental question « Who am I ? » helped him reach and sustain an ever deeper connection with his inner guru.

« I only listen to one Master, my Spiritual Heart : peace, love, joy, positive thinkingWhatever the difficulties I may face, I remain in a state of unwavering and effortless joy « Anand » (joy) is not a simple suffix to my name: it is who I am ».

Mukeshanand has been practicing silent meditation for over 30 years; he has spent long periods of isolation in the Himalayas. Through his extraordinary gift, he calms our intellect and our troubled and anxious minds to support us on our journey to inner peace.

Mukeshanand works with  the Santram Mandir Ashram in the city of Nadiad where he lives, near Ahmedabad, in Gujarat. He lives and acts by the principle of Seva*, mainly in India, in Europe, in Dubai and in the United States.

*seva : is a Sanskrit philosophy based on gift.




Marie-Joelle HUGUES, Master Yogi

Marie-Joëlle lives and breathes yoga in her everyday life and shares her experience with her heart through love, joy and gratitude. . 20 years ago, with her husband Bernard by her side, she founded the “Ashram Paradis” in Mouans-Sartoux (06) in a lush green oasis dedicated to finding regeneration and solace. Both welcomed Mukeshanand with open arms when he first visited France, organising retreats and meditation sessions for many of those who would later become the active members of TerrÂnanda thus planting the first seeds of this beautiful adventure.


Pavithra MEHTA, poetess and writer, in the service of gift-economy

We are forever thankful Pavi for coming to Grasse in 2013 at our invitation and who inspired us through the beautiful initiatives of her organisation Servicespace.org, especially in Ahmedabad (Pavithra Mehta – Centifolia 2013- youtube). Pavi invited us in turn to visit India and discover these initiatives for ourselves, and this trip ultimately led us to Mukeshanand and the beginning of a new journey paved with joy, peace and unconditional love